Glass Washer Brush Cleaner with Suction Base Plastic Base with Nylon Bristle for Cups

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An ideal use for home, restaurant′s and bars! The glass washer serves as the perfect scrubber for your dinning operation. Now it′s the time to switch out old washer brushes, to ensure the glasses are clean and clear all time! It′s an alternative to the electric glass washers out there. The bristles are stiff and are made of high end quality. Thanks to its suction cup base, this glass washer secures to the bottom of your sink with ease. Suction pad on bottom is very strong and hold the brushes in place. It′s also great for bar sink setups and will help you ensure that customers get a clean glass for their favourite drinks every time! A Good simple glass washer for everyday use. You create a safe and sanitary environment for all your guests.


Durable PVC plastic base and nylon bristle brushes.Suction grip base firmly attaches to sinks.Thoroughly cleans glassware for busy bars and restaurants.This wine glass cleaner was carefully designed to give you maximum results and convenience.The unique curved design of the brush will perfectly clean every little bit of your glasses and bottles with no extra effort needed.

 Product size18*14cm 
 Product material Plastic
 Product color Gray
 Weight 0.22kg
Package Includes

1 x Glass Washer Brush Cleaner

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